Marine Le Pen calls for the return of migrants to their port of departure

Marine Le Pen calls for the return of migrants to their port of departure

Marine Le Pen on Friday called for exiles who are secretly crossing the Mediterranean Sea to be returned to their country of origin, called Libya a “safe haven” and castigated France‘s acceptance of 230 migrants aboard the Ocean Viking.

The humanitarian ship Ocean Viking docked at the military port of Toulon, southern France, on Friday after rescuing migrants, including 57 children, off the coast of Libya along the world’s most dangerous migration route.

The ship was lost in the Mediterranean for three weeks as no port was willing to take her, and her arrival is a first in France, causing severe tensions with Italy.

“Today, by the voice of its leader (editor’s note by Emmanuel Macron), our country gave way. So this is, I think, the beginning of a series of NGO boats,” the president of the RN faction in the National Assembly reproachfully assessed these boats as “accomplices of smugglers”.

“These ships, which take the migrants recovered at sea to safety, have to bring them back to their port of departure,” she added, estimating that the boat should have docked in Tripoli, Libya, or possibly Tunisia.

Libya “should be a safe haven because we fought there (…), Tunisia is safe, Algeria is safe,” she stressed after a commemoration of the 1918 armistice in Hénin-Beaumont in his Pas-de-Calais constituency.

“It’s absolutely not Italy’s fault,” she finally declared, pointing out that if she had been in the position of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni (far right), she would have made the same decision to refuse to host the humanitarian boat.

For his part, Mr Bardella regretted that “France‘s immigration policy is no longer decided at the Ministry of the Interior in Paris, but at sea, from ships detained by far-left NGOs, ships that should be sealed because they are involved in human trafficking”.

“We need a European investigation” into the links between NGOs and smugglers, he repeated to the press in Villers-Cotterêts (Aisne), where he recalled the ceasefire.


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