Marine Tondelier applies to lead EELV to put an end to “individualism”.

Marine Tondelier applies to lead EELV to put an end to “individualism”.

The municipal councilor of Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), Marine Tondelier, declared on Monday her candidacy for the post of national secretary of the EELV in a letter to activists and AFP in a bid to “re-found” the party that has “suffered”. “. too much of individualism”.

This close friend of former national secretaries Cécile Duflot, David Cormand and Julien Bayou is a favorite to succeed the latter, who resigned from his post after his ex-colleague accused him of psychological abuse. Nevertheless, a congress in its place was already planned for December.

“I propose my candidacy to the national secretariat of Europe Ecology – The Greens,” writes Marine Tondelier in her letter.

The one who has overseen in particular the organization of the “summer days” in recent years insists that environmentalists must be “collectives” after a period marked by MP Sandrine Rousseau’s televised questioning of Julien Bayou: “Our project is radical. That’s something we have in common. We must also be radical in the collective, in ethics and in role modeling. Be just as demanding of ourselves as you are of others”.

Referring to the well-known internal conflict at EELV, Marine Tondelier emphasizes: “I will take my share of the responsibility to ensure that our movement is a welcoming, inclusive, serene, non-violent, protective and reassuring militant framework. We need to do it all by ourselves to question our practices and where we spend our time.”

The regional councilor of Hauts-de-France speaks of her “tiredness”, pointing to Sandrine Rousseau, whose “eco-feminist” line is to be represented at the congress by Mélissa Camara: “Our movement has suffered too much from individualism and tweeting politics From the search for the little phrase or controversy that allows you to break the sound barrier … while the collective is actually going into the wall … (…) How does our movement come from the metropolises when our debates are done in 280 characters on a social network?”

Marine Tondelier had been arguing for several weeks for a complete overhaul of the movement, supporting a referendum proposing a simplification of the statutes. Despite opposition to the latter by activists in September, she wants to “re-establish the movement and make it combat-ready for the coming deadlines.”

On the side of the alliance, she assessed in her application text, supplementing her statement on Monday, that Nupes had only “relative” success in the general elections and announced: “Let us reaffirm our ambition to make political ecology the engine of unity.


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