Matteo Salvini risks playing a marginal role in Italy’s new government

Matteo Salvini risks playing a marginal role in Italy’s new government

Lega leader Matteo Salvini is likely to play a minor role in Italy’s new executive branch, despite his far-right party’s likely position as a minor coalition partner following last week’s election victory for the right.

Although it is likely that Giorgia Meloni will be tasked with trying to form a government, President Sergio Mattarella will not officially begin deliberations on the election of the head of the new executive branch until after the Senate and House Presidents have been elected by Parliament. which will meet on October 13th.

The leader of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) is looking for men and women “leadingto form its governing team, but many wonder if this means choosing politicians from within the parties or from outside technicians, as has been the case in previous technocratic governments.

The ministries were to be divided between the brothers of Italy, Lega and Forza Italia. Ms. Meloni must present President Mattarella with a list of names, which she must approve (or not) and appoint.

Lega leader Matteo Salvini would have liked to return to the interior ministry, as he did in the Conte I government in 2018. Analysts believe he is unlikely to get it, although sources suggest he has threatened to break up the coalition otherwise , what he wants. A more likely outcome is the direction of the Department of Agriculture.

However, analysts say Mr Salvini’s leadership in his party is weakening and the possibility of a new secretary is already being discussed.

The alternative would be for Giorgia Meloni to offer both Mr Salvini and Forza Italia national coordinator Antonio Tajani the role of deputy prime minister, which is likely to please leaders of the union’s coalition partners.

Mr Tajani, former President of the European Parliament, EU Commissioner and Vice-President of the European People’s Party (EPP), is among the potential candidates for either the Foreign Ministry or the Defense Ministry, two important posts.

The current co-chair of the conservative-reformist group in the European Parliament, Raffaele Fitto, has his eye on the European Ministry.

«I keep reading unrealistic reconstructions of possible ministers in a centre-right government. After failed administrations (…) I assure you that we work in a high-level team that will not disappoint you. Don’t believe the lies that are being circulatedGiorgia Meloni wrote on Twitter.


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