Meal voucher: no budget planned for 2023, but Bercy is not giving up

Meal voucher: no budget planned for 2023, but Bercy is not giving up

No credit will be allocated to a possible food check in the 2023 budget, Bercy told AFP on Monday, although reflections on this aid promised by Emmanuel Macron are continuing, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. “There will be no budget line for the food check in the PLF (finance law) 2023,” we learned from the Ministry of Economy on Monday.

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“The idea will not be rejected”

The grocery check was a headache for the executive because the grocery check was originally intended to allow low-income households to purchase fresh and local produce, but given the complexity of the system, the government announced in June that it would transition to a simpler “inflation check,” distributed at the beginning of the school year.

At the same time, however, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne had specified that reflections would continue on a food check more oriented towards “quality” and “organic” products, a version passionately defended by the agricultural associations, which also do it for agriculture virtuous would have production. .

In an interview on Monday on LCI, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire made no allusion to this route. The executive failed to “build a device that is operational, efficient and fast” and “that does not benefit foreign products, imported products,” he simply noted. Without another word.

“The idea will not be rejected,” Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau said Monday morning over the Sud Radio antenna. “We’re working on it with Jean-Christophe Combe (Minister for Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled Persons, ed.) because it’s more about solidarity,” he said. “It is at budget time that things are beginning to settle down,” but it remains to be seen “what type of products, what type of audience, what distribution circle,” the minister continued.

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