Mélenchon believes that the political crisis “will be resolved by elections” and “a big march”

Mélenchon believes that the political crisis “will be resolved by elections” and “a big march”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon estimated on Tuesday that the crisis born of the legislative elections, and which could continue through a “blockage” in Parliament, “will be resolved by” legislative elections, which the united left can in his eyes win.

To prepare for these new legislative elections, the rebellious leader proposed to his Nupes partners to launch “a major political initiative”, for example “a major march against the high cost of living” in September, during a conference at the Party’s headquarters. independent worker (POI) in Paris.

The leader of the Insoumis presented a graph according to which the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), which he led, “came very close to victory” in the June legislative elections.

What validated in his eyes his strategy: “When we told you + we can win, elect me Prime Minister +, that meant that it was quite possible”.

Taunting political commentators who claimed he “did not believe” in victory himself, the former presidential candidate said: “Mr Mélenchon believes that we can win the elections, believes that the crisis must be unravel politically, and that it will be unraveled by elections”.

“If LR does not make a majority (with the presidential camp) to lock down Parliament, there will be a dissolution, and we will face the situation with a simple and clear objective, the same as the day when we are going to table a motion of censure : fire them all as many as they are”.

The Nupes announced on Tuesday that the four groups of deputies that make it up – LFI, PS, EELV, PCF – would file a motion of censure on Wednesday against the government of Elisabeth Borne after her general policy speech before the National Assembly.

The rebellious tribune believes that the unions and associations are not currently in a position to organize a “unifying political initiative”, a “big march” which would give “the start of the new school year”.

“If it’s the Nupes, the political wall will crystallize the capacity for popular organization, and then politics takes over, and the question of power will be raised,” added Mr. Mélenchon.

“In this country, the class struggle is experiencing a dizzying accelerator, which is called inflation,” he chanted. The former group leader at the Palais Bourbon warned that “rebellious deputies must be the first to run ahead”, by organizing during the summer “constituency assemblies” and militant “caravans” in working-class neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, he will travel to Latin America, from July 12. He will travel to Mexico, Honduras and Colombia, countries where the radical left is in power, and from where he will bring “lessons”.


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