Mélenchon foresees a “tacit alliance” between majority and RN

Mélenchon foresees a “tacit alliance” between majority and RN

Jean-Luc Mélenchon said on Tuesday that he foresees a “tacit alliance” between the majority and the RN which in his eyes has been taking shape since the legislative elections and could culminate in the abstention of the far right on a possible motion of censure against the government.

The leader of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) in the legislative elections, who is no longer a deputy, has been repeating for a week that he wishes to see Elisabeth Borne ask for confidence in the National Assembly. And failing that, that the left coalition would threaten it with a motion of censure.

Mr. Mélenchon writes on his blog: “It can then avoid censorship only at the cost of an abstention from the RN group or the LR or both. In other words, a tacit alliance with those against whom these people claimed to protect the country. Pitiful end of reign”.

According to him, “now the picture is being set up which began to take shape from the base in the legislative elections after the many winks which had preceded, from the apology of Maurras and Pétain by Macron to those which have since followed. and during the legislative elections”.

L’Insoumis denounced “the gloomy atmosphere that will now surround any action by Macronie”. “When they dine with the devil, they are ready to share the spoon with him to have the right to eat their part”, he insisted.


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