MEPs approve the new unemployment insurance reform

MEPs approve the new unemployment insurance reform

This Tuesday, October 11th, the National Assembly adopted in first reading the bill for a new reform of unemployment insurance by 303 votes in favour, 249 against and 11 abstentions, with the support of the LR deputies.

The bill renews measures of a first controversial reform of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term, which was due to expire on November 1.

Such a reform is approved by a slim majority of French people: ​​53% against 47% according to an Odoxa poll for challenges.

According to Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt, who presented the bill in the plenary chamber last week, it is about being “more reactive and more incentivized” when it comes to resuming work.

He pledged not to touch “the amount of compensation,” but the terms of entry into the system (six months out of twenty-four worked today) and the duration of compensation could change.

After a consultation phase with the social partners starting next week, the government will decide by decree on the design of this modulation of unemployment insurance, which should come into force at the beginning of 2023.

Text rejected by the left and the RN

Left and RN beat those prospects. It is “at work the lazy”: “This text expresses nothing more than your deep hatred of the unemployed,” thundered Mathilde Panot (LFI), when the communist Pierre Dharréville took over Bernard’s song Lavilliers, “I would like to work again, again work”.

Arthur Delaporte (PS) also criticized the government’s demand for a “blank check”.

For the RN group, Laure Lavalette judged that the bill “does not constitute a measure to restore sustainable employment” and represents “a new blow to our social protection system”.

Conversely, Astrid Panosyan defended “a necessary, effective and fair text” on behalf of the Renaissance MPs, dismissing “proponents of the right to be lazy” on the left as supporters of a “national preference” for the job on the far right.

If the LR deputies approved the draft law, it was because of a “sense of responsibility”, emphasizes one of their number, Stéphane Viry, who, in view of the labor shortage, “is still waiting for a real reform of unemployment insurance” – construction work in industry or the hotel industry.

End of benefits upon termination of employment

The government sees modulation as a first building block to reach the target of full employment in 2027, ie an unemployment rate of around 5% compared to the current 7.4%.

At the end of these sometimes hectic back-to-school sessions, rapporteur Marc Ferracci (Renaissance) was pleased that, despite sometimes tight votes, there had been no “nasty surprises” and that the bill had not been “distorted”. . With the consent of the Labor Minister, the members of parliament voted for a “very differentiated application” of modulation in the countries most affected by unemployment.

also readFor Marc Ferracci, the best way to boost senior employment is to push back the statutory retirement age

Through the Renaissance, Modem, Horizons and LR amendments, they decided that “job resignations” should be equated with resignations in order to limit access to unemployment insurance. A phenomenon “on the increase”, according to the Deputy Minister for Vocational Training, Carole Grandjean.

Another part of the bill provides for the validation of acquired experience (VAE) to be extended to “relatives who provide close and caring care” in order to make it easier for them to access old-age jobs.

The assembly approved the creation of a “true public service” of the UAE, which is still under-exploited, particularly due to its complexity. A “one-stop shop” is offered via a digital platform.

(With Reuters and AFP)


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