Midterms: For Democrats and Republicans, American democracy is in jeopardy

Midterms: For Democrats and Republicans, American democracy is in jeopardy

Alexis Guilleux (in the United States), edited by Laura Laplaud

Americans have until Tuesday night to vote on whether or not to renew Congress and give current White House tenant Joe Biden a new majority in the midterm elections. The President imposed a theme throughout the campaign, the idea of ​​American democracy in jeopardy.

For Democrats and Republicans alike, American democracy is in jeopardy. After two years at the head of the country, Joe Biden has a good chance of losing his majority in Congress, with all polls giving victory to the Republican Party. The Midterms campaign focuses on abortion, purchasing power, crime, but also democracy, which the Democrats say is threatened by the most radical conservative fringe.

“There are stolen votes to lead Biden to victory”

The alleged theft of the last presidential election is a deeply rooted idea among conservatives. “I seriously believe there are stolen votes to win Biden. He fought in rooms of six. How did this guy win?” asks Jim, who came to attend a Republican candidate meeting in Pennsylvania .

“These lying Republicans can’t win”

Today, several Republican candidates baptized by Donald Trump are not committing to honoring the results of this midterm election, and this is worrying a large segment of Democrats. “It’s no longer a political problem, it’s a moral one. People lie, don’t believe what’s true. These lying Republicans mustn’t win. Too many of them threaten our democracy,” said the American.

So, like in 2020, there are two Americas facing each other, two countries that no longer rub shoulders, no longer believe in each other, Jim explains. “I distrust the Democratic Party so much that I don’t believe anything they say, even if it’s the truth,” he says at the Europe 1 microphone. After two years in office, Joe sees Biden as a failure, who didn’t succeed is to reconcile America.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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