Milly-sur-Therain. Man injured by firearm, suspect charged with attempted murder

Milly-sur-Therain. Man injured by firearm, suspect charged with attempted murder

Illustration photo by Max Kleinen / Unsplash

“It’s Chicago-sur-Thérain”, quipped a resident. Friday July 22, in the evening, a man would have opened fire on another in Milly-sur-Thérain, in the rue des Coteaux, reports The Parisian. The vital prognosis of the victim has not been engaged. But the suspect of the shot is being prosecuted for “attempted murder”. He was remanded in custody. Even if he “has no criminal record”specifies Emma Dorangeon, deputy prosecutor of Senlis.

A conflict at the origin of the shooting

The prosecution explains that “the facts are clearly part of a conflict between the accused and the victim”. The judicial information is still open, little can be confirmed for the moment.

According to our information, the quarrel would have started well before this Friday, July 22, and would actually follow a fight in a nightclub. The situation escalated thereafter. And the now victim would have gone to the home of the alleged shooter threatening and violent his family, while he was absent.

A complaint has also been filed in this case. The Senlis parquet floor “confirms that an investigation was in progress for acts of threat and violence which would have been committed previously by the complainant of the assassination attempt and that the two procedures have been joined. The complainant of the assassination attempt was also indicted for these threats and violence and then placed in pre-trial detention..

After that, the conflict never subsided. Until Friday evening, when the young man was again in front of the home of the alleged shooter who, this time, was at home. This is where the shot was fired and the youngster was injured.


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