MoDem terminal: “legitimate” differences, but the majority must “speak with one voice”

MoDem terminal: “legitimate” differences, but the majority must “speak with one voice”

Elisabeth Borne called on the majority to “speak with one voice,” even if the “differences” in it were “legitimate,” on Thursday during MoDem’s parliamentary days, where she barely raised the issue of the withdrawals dividing the two allies mentioned the method.

“We form a closed majority. And we will only be successful if our three political groups unite,” said the Prime Minister to the MoDem parliamentarians and party leader François Bayrou, who gathered in Guidel (Morbihan).

Ms Borne only reiterated that she wanted to “act for (the) pension system,” while Mr Bayrou warned of the “violent passage” that he saw would constitute reform over an amendment to the Social Security Funding Bill, a track that mentioned by Emmanuel Macron and seriously investigated by the government.

“Our majority is strong because it is rich in three groups, three sensitivities (Renaissance, The MoDem and Horizons, editor’s note). We need to hear them all, listen to them. We have to act in trust, tell each other everything, use the many spaces for dialogue that we have created before we are able to speak with one voice by being united in our common decisions,” Ms. Borne explained .

“That doesn’t mean we all agree on everything, that our differences aren’t legitimate. That’s not my belief at all. My belief is that in the times we are going through, we must challenge ourselves in terms of our method of dialogue, in order not to expose ourselves to the onslaughts of all those who make our differences in culture or approaches insurmountable obstacles to our common action want,” she developed.

“We don’t conduct a dialogue with fixed ideas and tied projects. We need to listen to each other’s arguments. Accept quiet debates, debates about ideas.

Speaking to the press, the President of MoDem, François Bayrou, hailed the Prime Minister’s “openings”, “between the lines”, after pleading to his activists that the majority “is able to debate together, the most burning.” problems”.

Pensions, “it is a social reform. It cannot be regulated by parliamentary devices”, “an unexpected, secret reform”. “I don’t think this can be done by changing the PLFSS,” stressed the mayor of Pau.

MoDem MEPs leader Jean-Paul Mattei praised the Prime Minister’s “skill of listening”. “It is not because we have different sensitivities on one issue or another that we will not support you,” stressed the MEP for the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Deprived of an absolute majority in the assembly, Elisabeth Borne also predicted a parliamentary session that would be “not easy” and joked about LFI’s backlash on violence against women. La France insoumise “wants to sow chaos everywhere, in Parliament and on the streets. But right now it’s mostly chaos at home.”

She also castigated MPs Marine Le Pen’s “basics” of “simplicity and excess”.


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