Monchy-Humieres. Alexandre Capron strikes his new companion: his ex-wife calls the gendarmes

Monchy-Humieres. Alexandre Capron strikes his new companion: his ex-wife calls the gendarmes

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First of all, I would like to ask his forgiveness. We shouldn’t have done it like this“. Thursday, June 23, Alexandre Capron, 35, is once again in the box of the defendants. A few meters from him stands his companion, a coquard with the right eye, her arms stained with bruises.I deduce that you recognize the violence since you ask for forgiveness“, rebounds the president David Chriqui.
Without the intervention of Capron’s former wife, he would have escaped justice, because his new victim, with whom he has shared his life for just 16 months, did not want to call the gendarmes. However, her companion has already been sentenced last April, for the same facts committed on her.
I don’t want to be a civil party. I don’t want damages“says this mother. The only ones who want to obtain compensation are the three gendarmes, victims of outrage and rebellion during the arrest.
This blended family is therefore a little over a year old. The victim came to live with him with his two children in Monchy-Humières. He too has two children and a right of accommodation. But he is also forbidden to come into contact with their mother, and this since he was condemned there again following violence committed on her. So it’s the new companion who takes care of picking up the little ones and then bringing them back.
And this June 19, when she drops the children off at their mother’s, she notices the big hematoma in the right eye of his ex’s wife. “What’s this ?“, she worries, making a connection with what she has experienced. She implores the victim to file a complaint. But Capron’s new girlfriend refuses. So the ex takes his phone and warns the gendarmes.

“Motherfucker, bastard! I’m fucking your wife!”

They disembark around 6.40 p.m. rue des Hirondelles. After being cleared, they enter the garden where Capron and his victim are talking. “She seemed scared, in shock“, will note the soldiers. “I don’t want to complain…“, she says. But she agrees to tell what happened, the slaps and blows received on the face. The gendarmes ask Alexandre Capron to follow him. The latter is drunk, staggers, agitated. He wants to do battle with the police who are forced to handcuff him. “Motherfucker, bastard! I fuck your wife! Drop your panties that I bugger you!“, vociferates Capron. It takes a taser to calm him down.
During the hearings that follow, the gendarmes take the measure of the violence. If those for which they intervened could have cost the life of the young woman when Capron also wanted to suffocate her with a duvet, others preceded. Their common denominator? The alcohol. “He’s very nice when he’s not drinking“, assures the victim about her man, a truck driver.
But he drinks. And in May, the couple’s own children confided in relatives, denouncing the beatings administered to the “mother-in-law”. “It’s more verbal than physical… That day I was on the phone and I didn’t tell him the truth…“. The truth is that she was talking to her father, which Capron cannot bear, especially since the father in question is still in contact with his former in-laws. “He just pulled me by the hair“Agrees the victim.

“She scores a lot”

And the aggressor to turn the situation around. “She is still in contact with her parents. The problems never end, with her ex-husband, with my ex-wife… And she has a difficult character“, he explains to the court. He also tries to minimize the violence, or at least put the coquard on the account of “an involuntary movement”. He adds, candidly: “She scores a lot”

Prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz, who makes the fight against domestic violence one of her priorities, stands up: “And you, do you score?” Without hesitation, Capron replies:I clot well.” Maître Jean-Mary Morin, who intervenes in defense, is annoyed: “And she, she scores? Let her answer!»
President Chriqui comes to the outrages, the rebellion and what followed: “Once in the car, you tried to kick and you hit your head against the window…“Alexandre Capron, again, a good explanation:”It all started with the fact that I was looking for my wallet and my tobacco. It pissed me off. I apologize.»
The magistrate then reports on the seven convictions that fill the criminal record of the defendant, in legal recidivism, and who was taken from his cell to appear.
– What do you get from his various convictions?
-It helped me a lot. Alcohol is no longer for me.
Master Morin asks him:How is the detention going?Capron lowers his head a little:I sleep badly. I really understood this time. I wish one last chance.»
The prosecutor glared at him:We should have done otherwise…I need another chance…She has a difficult character…He presents well. I too could have done otherwise the previous time! (she alludes to the last conviction in April, editor’s note). I got screwed ! Madame has done everything to protect Monsieur Capron, always with the hope that he will change…even putting his own children in danger!»
She requires 22 months in prison, with a probationary sentence of 6 months for two years, the revocation of the 8 months of suspension and continued detention. She asks for the prohibition to come into contact with the victim and the wearing of an anti-reconciliation bracelet.
It’s awful! He is a victim of alcohol. It is because of this that he finds himself before you today“, pleads Master Morin. “It is imperative that he heals!»
The court lowers the required sentence but still sends Alexandre Capron behind bars: 14 months in prison including 2 months of probation and the revocation of the 8 months of suspension. “You will also have to pay 200 euros to each of the three gendarmes“says President Chriqui.
But Capron barely listens to her, trying to capture her victim’s gaze for long minutes, a crooked smile, as if laden with promises… For the first time, she ended up daring to file a complaint.


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