Monchy-Humieres. Arrested for speeding, money and drugs found on him

Monchy-Humieres. Arrested for speeding, money and drugs found on him

Illustration photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini / Unsplash

It was a speeding violation – 147 km/h on a portion limited to 80 – which prompted two motorcyclists from the national police, on April 3, to check the three occupants of a Mercedes CL AMG registered in Poland. But soon the tone rises and reinforcements are called. One of the two passengers in the Mercedes takes advantage of this moment to get rid of several sachets of narcotics in a manhole. This prompted the police, now numerous, to search the entire vehicle.

In one of the doors, other bags are discovered – of which one of the three young men (the second passenger) immediately declares himself the legitimate owner. In addition, 560 euros in cash are discovered on him. There remains the driver of the Mercedes – Djamel Berroudji, 23 years old -, in whose pockets are found 590 euros in small denominations. “My little savings”, Berroudji will declare during his hearing by the investigators, dissociating himself from his two friends, and moreover unable to provide evidence in support of his declarations. As for the large displacement vehicle of which he was the driver, Djamel claims to have rented it for 2,200 euros – the time to go and celebrate the marriage of one of his cousins, living in Amiens. Amazon employee, still living with his parents, Djamel Berroudji (already convicted of concealment of theft, degradation, use of narcotics and several traffic offences, imprisoned from October 2020 to March 2021) is prosecuted this Tuesday, June 14 for speeding of at least 50 km/h and bleaching. But he is absent from the hearing and otherwise unrepresented.

Origin of funds uncertain

For prosecutor Antoine Perrin, “the source of the funds does not have a legal origin”. It requires against Djamel Berroudji 6 months in prison, a fine of 500 euros, as well as a suspension of the driving license for a period of 6 months.

Found guilty of the charges against him, Djamel Berroudji was sentenced to 4 months in prison. In addition, his driving license is cancelled, with a ban on retaking it for a period of 6 months. Finally, he will have to pay a fifth class fine of 1,000 euros.



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