Mondial auto: the unexpected return of changing batteries

Mondial auto: the unexpected return of changing batteries

Something is wrong with the Paris Motor Show. For the first time, electric models imported from China predominate, attracting cars from European manufacturers. And all debunking the stereotype of the poor quality by-product!

What’s even more surprising is that they’re tiny license-free cars, occupying the spaces normally assigned to Ford, Volkswagen, Porsche and other Volvos and Mercedes-Benz, and are conspicuously absent from the show. But here, too, the traditional manufacturers – mostly French – have to deal with completely unknown brands. Because many entrepreneurs use the technical possibilities of the electric drive to reinterpret the codes of the minimally four-wheeled automobile.

The XEV Yoyo Cart, which was released in Italy in May 2021, relies on the battery minute swap

There’s XEV, for example, a company with mostly Italian and Chinese capital (but also “a little bit French”) that makes a small car in China called the “Yoyo”. Its plastic body was designed in Turin and it started its commercial career in Italy in May 2021. With his 2.53 meters long With a width of 50 meters and a top speed of 85 km/h, this XEV Yoyo is one of the best Category “L7e” electric quadricycles, accessible from 16 years of age (subject to participation in the B1 license training). Like so many others (like this Mobilize Duo presented by Renault at the same Paris Motor Show), this fragile machine is intended for both the private motorist and the operator of shared vehicles.


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