Monkey pox: Montreal is the “epicenter of America”

Monkey pox: Montreal is the “epicenter of America”

Montreal has become the “epicenter” of the monkeypox outbreak in America, according to public health authorities. Quebec has reported 132 confirmed cases of monkeypox to date, including 126 in Montreal. And men who have sex with other men are no longer the only ones concerned.

From now on, vaccination for monkeypox will also be available for men who plan to come to Montreal and have sex with other men. This was announced by the acting national director of public health, Dr.r Luc Boileau, accompanied by the regional director of public health for Montreal (DRSP), the DD Mylene Drouin.

More than 3,000 people have already been able to benefit from the vaccination. In total, Quebec has received nearly 40,000 doses since the start of the epidemic. New vaccination centers are expected to open across the province in the coming days.

A situation under control

“Progress does not worry us. […] The number of new cases each day is not increasing significantly. On the other hand, we know that summer is coming. There will be festivities or more occasions and people who will come to visit Montreal. In this context, we want to offer vaccination to a larger group,” explained Dr.D Drouin.

With the resumption of festivals and other festivities, the DD Drouin wanted to reassure the general population about the method of transmission of the virus. She thus recalled that the transmission of simian pox is done by prolonged intimate skin-to-skin contact.

According to the Dr Boileau, three people have been hospitalized in recent weeks because of this virus.

Although the number of cases continues to increase, the evolution of the epidemic remains slow. According to the Dr Boileau, the situation remains “well under control” for the moment. He also wanted to reassure the population about the vaccination campaign, which continues to target people at risk.

“We are not at all in a vaccination campaign for the whole population, we are in a campaign which aims to seek out people who are at risk”, explained the Dr Boileau.

Vaccination against monkeypox is still available for people who have been in direct contact in the last 14 days with an infected person. It is also valid for men who have had sexual contact with two or more male partners in the past two weeks.

Although it is not available for those under 18, it may be available for those who have been in contact with a case of monkeypox. Migrants with precarious status or people without a health insurance card are also eligible for vaccination.

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