Montaire. Four car fires in five days: concern is growing in the neighborhoods as July 14 and the Dadju concert approach

Montaire. Four car fires in five days: concern is growing in the neighborhoods as July 14 and the Dadju concert approach

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The approach of sunny days, holidays, or even that of the national holiday, would it be the cause of a wave of vehicle fires in the Martinets district, on the Hauts de Montataire? In the sector, the question is seriously being asked since there has been no notable event which could explain the fires of four vehicles in five days systematically in the same district.

Until now, these were often abandoned or partially dismantled vehicles for car parts. For the past week, the vehicles concerned have been in perfect working order.“says one of the owners of a burned vehicle who does not even live in the neighborhood. He was visiting his family and he found his charred vehicle in the morning.

The concern grows with the concert

It becomes unbearable especially since the people who live here do not necessarily have the means to buy vehicles», annoys a resident of rue Biondi. It is indeed the Jean-Biondi and Gabriel-Peri streets that are regularly targeted by these vehicle fires.

(File photo: OH)

The concern is growing for this weekend with in particular the big event of the Dadju concert scheduled for this evening of July 9. Nearly 1,500 places were distributed free of charge, but by reservation. They left extremely quickly, mainly for the inhabitants of the Paris region, from 92, 95, and 93. It was therefore necessary to get up early to get free places on the site of the city of Montataire.

Discrete but present law enforcement

The police promise a presence as a result, but the order is given to remain as discreet as possible. It is therefore in the background that the police will post themselves to avoid any overflow. Note that the gendarmerie is also on standby to support, always as discreetly as possible, this police zone.

And in the event that a few fires break out, it will be necessary above all to rely on the rescue centers of Creil, Nogent or even that of Précy-sur-Oise. Since for the past few weeks, it has become difficult to organize the permanence of the Montataire rescue center. It is run mostly by volunteer firefighters. A certain weariness of the latter is mentioned under cover of discretion. Indeed, a firefighter does not complain.

But from the organizers of the concert, to the representatives of the police, they all have at least one thing in common: to do everything so that tonight’s party is beautiful, not too lively in the neighborhoods, and that matches and lighters remain well at the bottom of the pockets.


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