Montenegro is making ‘tremendous efforts’ on path to EU membership, says Austrian Chancellor

Montenegro is making ‘tremendous efforts’ on path to EU membership, says Austrian Chancellor

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazović encouraged his country to quickly join the European Union, a move supported by Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

Austria actively supports the accession processes of all Western Balkan states. Besides the rapprochement with the EU and the war in Ukraine, the meeting focused on deepening bilateral relations.

“Montenegro’s ambition is to become the next EU member state”, Abazović said on Thursday (July 7). He described Austria as the “our country’s greatest friend”.

Karl Nehammer underlined Austria’s commitment to an accelerated rapprochement of Western Balkan states, saying the region was important not only from a security perspective, but also economically.

Accompanying Montenegro in this process was “easy as this country is making huge efforts to be able to meet EU requirements”Mr. Nehammer said.

While Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia were granted candidate country status at the latest EU summit, the bloc reaffirmed its “total and unequivocal commitment to the Western Balkans’ EU membership perspective”.

The Western Balkans have expressed frustration at the deadlock in their accession processes, nearly two decades after they were promised eventual EU membership.

Abazović said on Thursday that Montenegro could already be an EU member if previous governments had fought more actively against corruption.


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