More possible sanctions against Iran over alleged drone deliveries to Russia

More possible sanctions against Iran over alleged drone deliveries to Russia

On Monday (October 17) EU member states expressed their political support for imposing new sanctions on Iran over its military support for the Russian-led war in Ukraine if it is proven that the attacks on Kyiv were carried out with Iranian drones .

In Luxembourg, the EU foreign ministers agreed in principle on the sanctions to be imposed on Tehran if it is proven that the Iranian regime has provided drones.suicide bomberShahed-136 in Moscow.

According to Ukrainian officials, Russia has increasingly used Iranian drones to attack infrastructure in Ukraine in recent weeks. However, Iran says it has not sent drones to Russia since Moscow invaded Ukraine, and the Kremlin has not commented.

«We follow the use of drones very closely. We are gathering evidence and will be ready to respond with any means at our disposal‘ told reporters Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, after the ministerial meeting.

«these processes [de sanctions] must be evidence based. The evidence exists; they were provided by the relevant intelligence services» explained M. Borrell.

«Once all the evidence is in place, and there is already a lot of it, I do not think there will be any problem with future action by Member States“, he added.

Several member-state ministers were more direct in assigning the use of drones and called for more action against Iran because of its involvement.apparentlyin war.

The drones captured by the Ukrainian army almost intact would show that they are in fact Iranian-made Shaheed-136.

If Tehran’s involvement in the war against Ukraine is proven, additional EU sanctions against Tehran will not be limited to blacklisting specific individuals, says Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn.

Both parties to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, France and Germany, have said they believe new sanctions against drone shipments are needed.

Paris said last week that the drone transfers should be seen as a violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution lifting a series of economic sanctions on Tehran as part of the Iran nuclear deal.

The European heads of state, who meet this week in Brussels for a regular summit, could decide on other measures.

These reflections are the latest sign of a cooling in relations between European capitals and Tehran.

Most member states remain supportive of relaunching the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, negotiations on which have stalled for more than 18 months.

But US and EU officials are less cautious about imposing sanctions, which some observers say could affect those negotiations as well.

Sanctions for human rights violations

Meanwhile, EU foreign ministers have placed four institutions and 11 Iranians, including the deputy chief of police, on a list of travel bans and freezes for their role in suppressing protests and the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini while in custody last month of assets included the country’s vice squad.

Also among the sanctions are Iran’s Minister of Information, the Revolutionary Guards Cyber ​​Division and a branch of the National Police.

Iran’s foreign minister responded on Monday to the EU human rights sanctions imposed on Tehran, calling them “superfluous” and D'”non-constructive act resulting from a miscalculation».

«The EU today imposed unnecessary new sanctions on Iranian citizens. It is an unconstructive act based on misperceptions based on widespread misinformation. Riots and vandalism will not be tolerated anywhere; Iran is no exceptionsaid Hossein Amirabdollahian on Twitter.


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