Mothers at the front: in front of François Legault’s office

Mothers at the front: in front of François Legault’s office

For a twentieth consecutive Sunday, members of the collective Mothers at the front will meet in front of the Prime Minister’s office in Montreal, to demand that the government “respond to climate justice”.

“As a mother, my dearest wish is that the government respects the GHG reduction target emitted by science. We only have 8 years left to reduce our emissions by 65% ​​— the equivalent of two political terms! underlines Kareen Guillaume, Mother on the Montreal front.

The revendications

They ask the Government of Quebec to ensure that all decisions have a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of future generations. This would prevent a worsening of the climate crisis and identify reduction and mitigation measures in the decisions and policies of all departments from the outset.

The 2020 GHG reduction targets and Quebec’s 2030 targets have not been met, so the Mothers of the Montreal front are urging provincial politicians to show ambition and find solutions to the environmental crisis. regardless of their political affiliation.

On May 8, thousands of mothers gathered in front of the National Assembly of Quebec to celebrate Mother’s Day. Climate justice was at the heart of the protesters’ demands, but they also expressed their opposition to the third link.

On Sunday, mothers from other regions are expected to attend the demonstration in Montreal. However, the organization has not yet specified the type of activities that will take place.


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