Nadège Lefebvre takes over the presidency of the Republicans of Oise alongside three other elected officials

Nadège Lefebvre takes over the presidency of the Republicans of Oise alongside three other elected officials

«We’ll try to put a little consistency“announces Arnaud Dumontier, mayor of Pont-Sainte-Maxence, who is part of the new local leadership of the Oise Republicans, with Nadège Lefebvre, president of the Oise, who represents the departmental council, Maxime Minot, Clermont MP, who represents the National Assembly, Jérôme Bascher who represents the Senate, and Arnaud Dumontier, therefore, who represents the mayors. A team that has just been unveiled by Aurélien Pradié, deputy of the Lot and secretary general of the Republicans.

Nadège Lefebvre, quoted first in the press release, should act as coordinator, within this quartet which has “our mission is to ensure the daily governance of your Federation“, says Aurélien Pradié.

Reassuring orphaned activists

«It’s not quite that“, she says, wishing to be treated as equals with the other three members of the management, although she says half-heartedly that she will be a candidate for the presidency of the Oise Federation, scheduled for January, after the national elections.

But until then, it is necessary to organize meetings in the seven constituencies of the Oise and “reassuring orphaned activists” of their executives since they were placed under guardianship the day after the parliamentary elections.

Is there a leader among the four elected officials appointed to carry out this mission? «We have equal importance, says Nadège Lefebvre. But at the start of the new school year, we will define the roles of each one. However, it will be a question of distributing roles, not seats.”The seats will be for the beginning of 2023. «That is why this local directorate was composed, says Nadège Lefebvre. To hold the house.»

The ”defeat” of Edouard Courtial

It was Senator Edouard Courtial who chaired LR when the Oise federation was placed under the supervision of the national federation. This ”defeat” of Edouard Courtial may complicate his re-election as senator in September 2023.

Edouard Courtial presided over the Republicans when the Oise federation was placed under the tutelage of the national federation. Archive photo Oise Weekly.

For the Secretary general Aurélien Pradié, the four local elected officials “are committed in a spirit of gathering and responsibility to bring our ideas, our values and our convictions to life in your department … The four of them will be in charge of conducting current affairs and formulating proposals at the national headquarters, in the constituencies, but also at the departmental level, to bring our ideas to life as widely as possible».


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