NASA announces resuming joint flights with the Russians to the International Space Station

NASA announces resuming joint flights with the Russians to the International Space Station

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NASA announced on Friday that it would resume joint flights with the Russians to the International Space Station (ISS), in order to ensure “the safety of operations” of the station, despite the efforts of the United States to isolate Moscow following the invasion of Ukraine.

NASA announces the resumption of joint flights with Russia. These flights will make it possible to bring crews to the International Space Station to ensure the safety of operations there. A way also, according to the American agency, to ensure the continued presence of Americans in space. The space collaboration between the United States and Russia therefore continues despite the war in Ukraine.

The head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos sacked

In fact, these flights had been planned for a long time, but everything was on hold. Because on the one hand, the American government wants to be very firm in its desire to isolate Russia, but on the other hand, NASA wants to respect its schedule and it would have been complicated to replace crew members at the last minute. trained for the occasion.

To allow these joint flights, NASA publicly condemned Russia, accusing it of having politicized the ISS (the International Space Station) when Russian cosmonauts unfurled the flag of the self-proclaimed republic of Luhansk there. Everything has since returned to normal, because since then Vladimir Putin has dismissed the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

Astronauts will fly from stations

From now on, an American astronaut will fly to the ISS with a Russian crew aboard a Soyuz rocket which will take off from Kazakhstan on September 21. In return, a Russian cosmonaut will leave aboard an American SpaceX rocket. Yet US sanctions directly affect the Russian aerospace industry. And the European Space Agency has ceased its collaboration with Russia on other missions.

But the ISS remains for the moment away from land conflicts, proof that communications are not broken between Moscow and Washington.


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