NATO condemns Iran’s cyber attack on Albania as diplomats leave the country

NATO condemns Iran’s cyber attack on Albania as diplomats leave the country

NATO and its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg this Thursday, September 8, condemned the Iranian cyber attack on Albania, which led to the country cutting ties with Tehran and demanding the departure of all its diplomats within 24 hours.

The cyber attack continued fifteen July and paralyzed all government sites and online citizen portals in what has been labeled by international experts d’advanced operation.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced on Wednesday that all Iranian diplomats must leave d’driving the final nail in the coffin of deteriorating relations between these two countries here on Thursday afternoon.

in the a message posted on Twitter, M Stoltenberg said so l’NATO was determined to continue strengthening security to prevent and protect against cyber threats.

«I strongly condemn the recent cyber attack l’Albania, Tirana & d’other allies attribute l’Iran. From experts of l’NATO and allies provide support. L’NATO is determined to proceed d’increase security to prevent cyber threats and it’sTo defend»said M Stoltenberg.

L’NATO issued a full statement in the words of M Stoltenberg, add : «We will continue to protect ourselves from such malicious cyber activities in the future, and we will assist one another in deterrence, defense, and mitigation l’Set of cyber threats, including recital d’possible collective responses.»

Bomb squad on site

Wednesday evening, the staff of l’The embassy was there and smoke could be seen it’srising out of the ground, apparently trying to burn documents. On Thursday, diplomats exited the site and anti-terrorist and anti-bomb squads entered the site to conduct a three-hour inspection.

After they left, armed guards stayed there l’outside while the Iranian flag fluttered above the door.

At the time of writing this article, diplomats are at l’Tirana International Airport, waiting for their departure.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Ka’nani denied the allegations and called them unfounded.

«being l’one of the countries that have made l’exposed to cyberattacks on its critical infrastructure Islamic Republic of Iran it’srejects and condemns any use of cyberspace as a tool d’attack infrastructure d’other countries»said the Iranian spokesman.

He added l’Albania has been influenced by third parties who support terrorism, citing the United States and Israel.

Who is the PMOI?

L’Albania is home to the PMOI (Organization of the People’s Mujahideen of Iran), founded in 1965 it’sagainst US-backed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. They participated in armed conflicts from the Years 1970 vs l’Iranian state until thethey forge an alliance with l’Iraq and sided with him during the intervening war l’Iraq and l’Iran.

L’The PMOI was previously classified as a terrorist organization l’EU, Canada, USA and Japan, but this designation has been removed. In 2004, the US government granted them protection under the Geneva Convention.

They aim to overthrow the Iranian government, and some 1 000 Members live in a fenced and heavily guarded compound 40 km from Tirana.

politicians out l’The EU offered to support the camp l’PMOI in Albania.

In 2018, the Albanian government expelled two Iranian diplomats, including l’Ambassador, for having «endangered national security» and alleged to have been involved in the planning d’an attack during d’a football game between l’Israel & l’Albania.

The members of l’The opposition has criticized the Albanian government for not being better prepared in the face of increasing cybercrime threats. Despite this, they also stated that if the country n’did not salvage l’PMOI, he would not be a target.


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