NATO: why the integration of Sweden and Finland could be done in record time

NATO: why the integration of Sweden and Finland could be done in record time

William Molinié (special envoy to Madrid), edited by Juliette Moreau Alvarez
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2:02 p.m., June 29, 2022

After long negotiations, Turkey finally lifted its veto on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO. If Ankara has accepted, in exchange, Helsinki and Stockholm will not impose an embargo on Turkey. A month and a half after submitting their applications, the two Scandinavian countries could join the Alliance in record time.

The last lock which prevented Sweden and Finland from joining NATO has finally been lifted. Opposed from the start to these new Scandinavian entries into NATO, Turkey denounced Stockholm and Helsinki for being members of “terrorist organisations” and for showing leniency towards the PKK, the Kurdistan workers’ party. Ankara finally lifted its veto after long negotiations. Sweden and Finland will be able to join the ranks of the Alliance, in record time, despite Turkish blockages.

No Scandinavian embargo for Ankara

At the NATO summit in Madrid, the agreement between Turks, Finns and Swedes is historic. Never have two countries joined NATO in such a short time. The agreement reached is simple: Stockholm and Helsinki undertake to cooperate with Ankara on the sensitive issue of Kurdish militants from the PKK, an organization considered terrorist by Turkey. The Scandinavian countries do not impose an embargo on defense industries, and in return the Turks do not oppose their right of veto.

During the first days of discussion at the summit of the North Atlantic Organization, the Turks were accused half-word of blackmailing the Americans to reinforce their fleet of fighter planes. Today, the United States reassures, and affirms that no concession had been requested from the Americans. NATO will therefore officially propose Sweden and Finland to join it this Tuesday, June 29.

Each of the 30 member countries will then have to ratify this agreement. Militarily, it will be a formality to integrate the soldiers of the two countries into the Alliance, because the military procedures of Sweden and Finland are already of a good standard and very close to NATO standards.


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