New Aquitaine Region: Inquiry launched into misappropriation of public funds

New Aquitaine Region: Inquiry launched into misappropriation of public funds

Judicial information has been opened against X on suspicion of embezzling public funds and illegally funding a campaign against the New Aquitaine region’s socialist executive chaired by Alain Rousset, Nanterre prosecutors told AFP on Monday, confirming information from the South West.

The Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has been investigating since the split of the National Treasury Prosecutor, handed over the investigation to an investigating magistrate on July 21.

Criminal investigations have been launched against X for various offenses, including misappropriation of public funds by a person holding public authority or a person in charge of a public service, and illicit funding of an election campaign, as specified by prosecutors requested by AFP.

In this case, no charges have been filed at this time.

Contacted by AFP, Mr Rousset’s office declined to comment.

In March 2021, David Angevin, cabinet minister from 2015 to 2018 as Alain Rousset’s “pen” had filed a complaint accusing the Socialist leadership team of “burdening with public money” the regional government’s 2015 election campaign using the resources and work of municipal employees.

Mr Angevin, a journalist and writer, had headed the University of the Future, a think tank in the region on the digital revolution, from which he was sacked in January 2020 after disagreements with political leaders.

Mr Rousset had described the complaint as “unfounded” and underlined “an intention to harm”, “four months before the regional election” in June 2021 in which he was re-elected. According to him, Mr Angevin was fired because of “his inability to work peacefully with his colleagues and partners”.

As part of those inquiries, a search took place at the Hôtel de Région in May 2021 and former members of Mr Rousset’s cabinet were taken into police custody last May.


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