New car sales plummet, old opportunities hold up

New car sales plummet, old opportunities hold up

No, it still won’t go away! The automobile is seriously broken down. The French market again suffered a severe fall (-16.3% to 772,000 new car registrations) in the first half as well as in the month of June alone (-14%). And this, while it is generally one of the best months of the year! The half-year market even plunges by a third compared to the first six months of 2019, before the pandemic. “We are back to the figures of the 1970s”, notes François Roudier of the PFA (French automobile platform). Stellantis, which holds a third of the French market, is in particular in marked decline over the half-year (-21%), with a net erosion of Citroën (-25%) and Peugeot (-22%). Renault limited its fall to 10.7% over six months, the rise (+2.7%) of Dacia cushioning the -16.6% of the Renault brand itself.

In utilities, it’s even worse. The plummeting of the tricolor market reached 24.4% over the half-year (to 183,700 units), 22% in June. The shortage of semi-conductors and its corollary the sporadic closure of manufacturers’ assembly plants are largely responsible for these phenomena. But the lack of parts does not explain everything. “We feel a certain wait-and-see attitude from customers since May,” underlines Stéphane Magnin, commercial director of Suzuki France. Because of the serious deterioration of the economic situation but also of the uncertainties on the motorizations with the threats weighing on the circulation of the diesels in the big cities, like that brandished by the town hall of Paris.


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