No, Brussels does not (yet) restrict the speed of our cars

No, Brussels does not (yet) restrict the speed of our cars

Some call it the “black box” or “snitch”, because they see in it the beginnings of limiting the speed of our cars. Truly, the Intelligent Speed ​​Adaptation System (AIV) is your friend. It alerts the driver without frustrating him; it encourages rather than prohibits. In short, it helps the motorist to comply with the incessant variations of speed limits, in town as well as on the open road.

What driver has never been surprised by a reminder sign or – worse – by the flash of a radar cabin? Almost as frustrating is the oncoming confusion, when the driver errs on the side of caution and looks for the liberating sign that will allow them to go faster. Frustrating.

AIV, this electronic chaperone that indicates it’s time to slow down

The whole purpose of the Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant (AIV) is precisely to put an end to these hesitations, one way or the other. It alerts the driver when he exceeds the authorized speed.

As of July 6, 2022, any new type cars and trucks can no longer be approved unless such an AIV system is on board. Second step in 2024, when no new car can be registered without the presence on board of this electronic chaperone.


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