No more masks in public transport in Quebec

No more masks in public transport in Quebec

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, made the announcement on June 8 following recommendations from public health.

A month earlier, after two years of the pandemic, the requirement to wear face coverings was lifted for indoor public places such as restaurants, performance halls, bars, places of worship and sports centers.

This obligation had also been lifted in schools, childcare centers and school transport.

The decision to abandon the wearing of the mask was taken in particular because of the improvement in the health situation.

Data related to deaths, hospitalizations and infections were down.

It is no longer mandatory, but recommended

Wearing a mask is still recommended. Those who wish to continue wearing the mask to protect themselves and vulnerable people are encouraged to do so.,w_635/v1/ici-info/16×9/masque-metro-montreal-12578.jpg” media=”(min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 99999px)”/>,w_635/v1/ici-info/16×9/masque-metro-montreal-12578.jpg” alt=”In a subway car, four people wear a mask; a man does not wear one.”/>

The explanations of Jérémie Camirand

Photo: The Canadian Press/GRAHAM HUGHES

Elsewhere in hospitals (with the exception of psychiatric hospitals), in CHSLDin the CLSC and in medical clinics, wearing a mask remains mandatory.

As for people who have contracted COVID-19, they are required to wear it when they have contact with other people at least five days after their isolation at home.

The duration is 10 days for those who live with someone who has COVID-19.″>Source

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