Nogent-sur-Oise. Two years in prison for violence against his partner followed by a rebellion against the police

Nogent-sur-Oise. Two years in prison for violence against his partner followed by a rebellion against the police

The victim of the violence accused of Sofiane Khalak by the Senlis court continued to defend her companion before the judges. Illustrative image.

Soberly dressed in a blue polo shirt, his face framed by a beard necklace, Sofiane Khalak, 26, is finally present, this Monday, July 25, by the Senlis court as part of an immediate appearance. On July 7, he was already implicated for a rebellion during his arrest by the police on June 16 in Nogent-sur-Oise, but also for violence committed not only against the police but also against His wife.

That day, he was to be assisted by Maître Emmanuelle Thiebaut-Gouin, but he refused her intervention, arguing that he had contacted two other lawyers to defend him and that they were absent: a request accepted by Lisa Olmi, the president of the court. She found herself taken aback by the defendant’s request for release. On this point alone, he agreed under these conditions to be defended by… Maître Thiebaut-Gouin… The request for release was rejected and he went back to prison while awaiting trial.

Back to square one

So back to square one for Sofiane Khalak, who fidgets in her box while listening to the president, Alexandra Fabbri, read the reminder of the facts: facts which extend from August 2021 until January 13, 2022 for violence committed on his underage girlfriend at the time.
On the stab wound to the young woman, on January 13, the defendant speaks: “There was no hit. We were in my room and she injured herself handling a folding knife and upon my arrest I was blacked out and I don’t remember anything… He also denies hitting his mother and his sister who claims he is schizophrenic. His reaction is then not long in coming:I am not crazy ! I don’t know what is happening to me…»

an uncontrollable man

The three police officers who intervened at La Commanderie in Nogent-sur-Oise are present in the courtroom and testify from their point of view this operation of June 16: “ When we arrive in the neighborhood, we intervene for family violence. As it happens at La Commanderie where we are not always welcome, we take our precautions and we ask our colleagues from the BAC to join us. We then see a young girl who tells us that a man is dangerous and that he has a weapon. A few minutes later, we observe a visibly disoriented man and local residents tell us to be careful and stop him. He charges us a first time without going all the way and on his second attempt, we use a defensive ball launcher to neutralize him. At this moment, we receive a rain of various and varied projectiles while withdrawing and we send tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd which is becoming more and more pressing. We have all the trouble in the world to get him in the car and a BAC agent is forced to use a taser to calm him down… »

“Everything is wrong from A to Z…”

A story that does not seem to move Sofiane Khalak: “It’s possible, I don’t remember anything. I even wonder if I am not the victim in this story…»
He returns once again to the injury to his girlfriend’s arm by reacting to the testimony of the victim’s little sister. This one affirms that it is indeed him the author. Sofiane Khalak does not disassemble either: “She doesn’t love me and I don’t love her…” Denials that he keeps when a friend of the victim declares that he wanted her to prostitute herself: “Everything is wrong from A to Z. We have already gotten into a tangle, but without any violence and I never wanted her to pass…»

Asked to come forward to the bar, the companion of Sofiane Khalak, who has just turned 18, continues to defend the defendant: “I find it hard to know that he is in prison. After my father died, I had no one to talk to. I still love him. It was me and me alone who decided to prostitute myself. This was happening in hotels, I had about twenty clients via social networks. Finally, the stab wound was really an accident… I want to stay with him because he brings me affection!»

With 15 mentions on his criminal record, Sofiane Khalak was convicted of contempt, drug trafficking and he never really worked except for six months with a temp agency. The expert psychiatrist who examined him detected an antisocial personality incapable of empathy and fundamentally manipulative.

A “double personality” according to the defense lawyer

Master Alix Perot-Lecolier intervenes for the defendant’s niece who was also struck: “She is the real victim. She experienced a real scene of chaos in this district of La Commanderie and received several punches during a terrible chase…»

An alarming observation for the public prosecutor: “This young woman clings to Sofiane Khalak because he promises her mountains and wonders. But in fact, she finds herself in a prison under his influence, alternating fits of jealousy and remarks that have only one objective: to lower her again and again. Since the beginning of her relationship with him, she has been the victim of violence. Today, she disputes these acts but we have the transcription of this long hearing where she recounts her ordeal. This gentleman is dangerous and disturbing. He is very smart and able to present himself as the victim of a conspiracy. I ask you to sentence him to 30 months in prison, including 6 months with a suspended probation and the issuance of a committal warrant for the remaining two years.»

The defense lawyer, Maître Alexandre Allard, evokes, for his part, the double personality of his client: “I had the feeling to see two mister Khalak. He sometimes expresses himself vehemently and he is also capable of speaking calmly when we talk about his career. Regarding the violence, he had drunk a lot. With this psychiatric expertise, there is a mystery that you will have a hard time unraveling. I think Mr. Khalak that you have a problem with alcohol…»
Last to speak, Sofiane Khalak expresses no regrets: “Clearly, I want to die…“. At the end of the deliberations, he received a 30-month prison sentence, including six months suspended on probation, and went back behind bars for 24 months.



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