Nord Stream 2: Vladimir Putin relaunches discussions for EU supply

Nord Stream 2: Vladimir Putin relaunches discussions for EU supply

Current disruptions in Russian gas supplies to Europe could be resolved with the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Tehran on Tuesday (July 19).

Russian gas flows to Europe could increase if Nord Stream 2 is finally allowed to go live, Putin told reporters during his visit to Iran, according to a Kremlin transcript.

The pipeline, which is expected to deliver an additional 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year (bcm/year) under the Baltic Sea to Germany, is complete, but Germany has terminated its certification in response to recognition by Russia from the two separatist regions of Donbass in Ukraine.

The awakening of “Sleeping Beauty”

Thus, Russia is not giving up on the gas pipeline it has built despite American sanctions. The Russian ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, declared following Germany’s decision to stop certification that the project was not dead, but that it was a ” sleeping Beauty “.

“We have another channel that is ready — it’s Nord Stream 2, which can be launched”said Vladimir Putin, in response to a question about ways to solve the energy crisis in Europe.

“A month and a half or two ago, during a conversation with the Chancellor [d’Allemagne Olaf Scholz], we discussed this topic. I raised this issue by saying that Gazprom has reserved capacity. She [l’Allemagne] has to do something about it, she can’t stay on hold forever.”Mr. Putin said.

According to the Russian president, Mr. Scholz replied that he had more important business to attend to.

“Well, I had to warn him that then we will withhold half of the volume for Nord Stream 2 for domestic consumption and processing. And Gazprom has already done that, so even if we launch Nord Stream 2 tomorrow, it will not be 55 billion cubic meters per year, but exactly half, and knowing that we are in the second half of the year, it will be a quarter”Mr. Putin added.

Russia blames Poland and Ukraine

The Russian president gave an overview of Russia’s supply in Europe, blaming Poland and Ukraine for the current disruptions.

He said that Russia used to supply 170 billion m3 per year to Europe and 30 billion m3 per year to Turkey.

Of these 170 billion cubic meters, 55 billion cubic meters passed through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany, 33 billion cubic meters through the Yamal gas pipeline via Poland, 33 billion cubic meters through each of the two gas pipelines passing through Ukraine and 12 billion cubic meters by TurkStream.

But he said that “Ukraine suddenly announced that it was closing one of the two routes that cross its territory”adding that the reasons were “politics”.

Mr Putin then said that “Poland took and imposed sanctions on Yamal-Europe”. In particular, he criticized Warsaw for taking the same quantities of gas that it took in Russia instead for Germany, adding that it was nevertheless Russian gas, but cheaper.

“They (the Poles) took us at a fairly high rate, closer to the market price, while Germany takes us under long-term contracts 3 to 4 times cheaper than the market price”Mr. Putin said.

Defeat of the Europeans?

“It is profitable for German companies to sell to Poles with a small markup. It is profitable for Poles to buy, because it is cheaper than taking [le gaz] directly to us. But the volume of gas on the European market has decreased, and the overall price on the market has increased. Who won ? The Europeans only lost. »he added

Mr Putin then blamed the sanctions which he said lowered the volume of deliveries via Nord Stream 1 because of a repaired turbine in Canada.

Canada has indeed sent the turbine to Germany, from where it should join the Russian compressor station in Portovaya, so as not to be accused of having violated the sanctions.

“They closed one lane, a second lane, to put these gas turbines under sanctions. Gazprom is ready to pump as much as necessary. They closed everything themselves”Putin said, blaming Western powers for their difficulties.


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