North Korean missile: US consults allies for ‘robust’ response

North Korean missile: US consults allies for ‘robust’ response

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After the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile that flew over Japan, the United States and North Korea’s neighbors jointly exchanged a “robust” response, the White House announced. The United States also recalled its “iron commitment” to South Korea and Japan.

The United States has consulted with Japan and South Korea on a “robust” response to Tuesday’s launch of a North Korean ballistic missile over Japan, the White House said. US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan spoke separately with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts to craft an “appropriate and robust international” response. It reaffirms the United States’ “iron commitment” to the defense of Japan and South Korea, spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said in a statement.

This launch of an intermediate-range ballistic missile overflying Japan is the first since 2017 and represents an escalation in the intense campaign of weapons tests being conducted by Pyongyang. The South Korean army said it spotted this ballistic missile shot flying a distance of about 4,500 km at an altitude of 970 km at a speed of almost Mach 17 over the archipelago towards ballast.

Washington committed to Japan and South Korea

In a separate statement, the US Asia-Pacific Command condemned the launch, saying Washington’s “commitments to the defense of Japan and Korea remain unshakable.” “The United States condemns these actions and calls on the DPRK to refrain from further illegal and destabilizing acts,” he said in a statement, using the official acronym for North Korea.

Pyongyang’s last missile launch over Japan was in 2017, at the height of the “fire and rage” period in which North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and then-US President Donald Trump exchanged insults. Tokyo unusually activated the country’s missile warning system on Tuesday and asked the affected population to evacuate.


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