North: The L214 association files a complaint for “complicity in the illegal slaughter of animals” during Eid-el-Kébir

North: The L214 association files a complaint for “complicity in the illegal slaughter of animals” during Eid-el-Kébir

The association for the defense of animals L214 filed a complaint on Wednesday against a company it accuses of having sold in Deûlémont, in the North, live sheep to individuals to be “clandestinely slaughtered” for the celebration of Aïd-El-Kébir, she announced in a press release.

The complaint was filed with the Dunkirk prosecutor against the Flandres Artois sheep society (Sofa) for “ill-treatment of animals committed by a professional” and for “complicity in the slaughter of animals outside an approved establishment”, indicated association. The Dunkirk public prosecutor’s office confirmed having received this complaint.

Live sheep transported in wheelbarrows

L214 accuses the Sofa company, which specializes in the animal trade, of having “sold and delivered live sheep to individuals” while “sheep purchased by individuals must be sent to an approved slaughterhouse to be killed there on the day of Eid”.
“It is not forbidden to sell sheep, the 250 breeders in the North sell sheep to put them in gardens, pastures etc. “, Christophe Ryckewaert, one of the leaders of the Sofa company, defended himself to AFP.

Images, which the association says it shot the day before Eid-El-Kébir, in July, in the premises of the Sofa company, and broadcast on Youtube, show live sheep shackled, transported in wheelbarrows and loaded into car trunks.
L214, which denounces “unacceptable practices”, also affirms that “no action has been taken to put an end to patent infringements of the regulations” despite “the alert issued to the veterinary services of the North” by the association.

Slaughter prohibited outside an approved slaughterhouse

Asked by AFP, the North prefecture recalled Thursday that on the occasion of Aïd-el-Kébir, the feast of sacrifice in Islam, “the slaughter of animals is prohibited outside a slaughterhouse approved”, while “a prefectural decree prohibits the transport of sheep and goats, apart from breeders and with exceptions”.

“Following checks carried out on several targets pre-identified by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of the Population, at least five criminal proceedings are planned to date,” she said. “In any case, substantiated reports are used by the State, including for the following years,” she added.

In addition, on the day of Eid, a check in one of the approved slaughterhouses “gave rise to an administrative procedure for ignorance of the rules of ritual slaughter, and a criminal procedure”.


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