Noyon fire: the premises of several health professionals affected

Noyon fire: the premises of several health professionals affected

The violent fire completely destroyed the top floor. The lower floors also suffered, in particular due to the tons of water sent by the firefighters to contain the disaster – Photo credit: Noyon Municipal Police

On the Place de la République or in the residence le Sarrazin, there are several health professionals. Nurse, physiotherapist, pedicure-podiatrist … Some of them were present at the time of the incident. If their premises have not been devoured by the flames, they are, on the other hand, heavily degraded by the waters used by the firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Guylain Schmied is a liberal nurse. His office is located on the Place de la République in Noyon. “When the fire happened, I was present. I was coming out of a patient’s house who lives nearby. I came back to see if there was anyone still inside, before moving my car and taking my scooter to leave the area. When we saw that the roof was burning, we evacuated. In my premises, nothing burned, but everything was drowned”, confides the nurse after the fire that ravaged Sarrazin’s residence on Wednesday, August 3. But his activity should not suffer too much from this. “For 98% of my working time, I go to my patients’ homes, he details it. So I will be able to continue. There are only the patients who came to see me at the office that I could no longer receive.»

A physio: “All my premises have been flooded”

Photo credit: Noyon Municipal Police

Frédéric Lapoire works as a physiotherapist in the same premises. “My entire office was flooded. The cardboard false ceilings have also fallen on my equipment, my machines”, reports the physio. At the time of the incident, he was in his office. “I was in the office when I saw one of my patients knocking on the door like a madman. I wondered what he wanted, I went to see. Only then did I feel the heat. After that, everything went up in flames very quickly.» After this fire, Frédéric Lapoire is still in the dark : “I haven’t been able to return to the place yet. I don’t know the extent of the damage yet. But I may not be able to work for a while. I’m sailing into the unknown.»

On social networks, it is another health professional who launches an appeal. Pauline Agisson, pedicure-podiatrist at Place de la République, is launching an appeal. “I am looking for a professional premises on Noyon that can accommodate the public, suitable for the reception of elderly people and people with reduced mobility, for a para-medical activity. The one in which I practice is indeed stricken following the fire that ravaged the residence le Sarrazin, yesterday noon”, she wrote on Facebook.

According to our information, a meeting is scheduled in town hall this Friday, August 5. In particular, it should bring together the trustee of the residence, the affected owners as well as the companies whose premises were affected by this violent fire. On this occasion, the municipality should go around everyone’s needs to try, among other things, to find accommodation solutions.


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