Noyon. In an apartment in Beauséjour, the victim found himself in his underwear, stripped of his car

Noyon. In an apartment in Beauséjour, the victim found himself in his underwear, stripped of his car

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“A plan is a plan: this is what was put in place by Madame Diallo and her son Sekou.” According to prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz, it is nothing more than an ambush organized by mother and son Diallo on August 7, in Noyon, in the family apartment of the Beausejour district. A plan at the end of which a man found himself in his underwear, stripped of his car…

Early that day, Mrs. Diallo – recognized as a disabled adult – met a resident of Chauny, her future victim, in a Turkish grocery store in Noyon. She then engages in conversation with this man in his sixties, a conversation during which she ends up indicating that her son Sekou is looking for a job. The man doesn’t promise anything, but cellphone numbers are exchanged, and everyone goes their own way. But when he returns to Chauny, and Madame Diallo to her apartment in Noyon, he receives a call from the woman inviting him to come and have a coffee at her place. We will not know the exact nature of this exchange – the proposal which was made by the mother of the family – the fact remains that the Chaunois goes to Noyon with, in his pockets, 400 euros in cash.

It is around 2 p.m. when this gentleman arrives at the bottom of the Diallo family building. He parks his Ford Kuga vehicle and enters the place without any hesitation. Sekou’s mother opens the door to the apartment for him — and this is where the versions diverge.

“A woman offers you coffee and asks you to undress, and you don’t ask questions?”

Laura Constantion, President of the Victim’s Court

“When I walked in they forced me to sit on the sofa”, declares the victim who came to testify at the bar, assisted by one of his daughters, playing for him the interpreter. Then, still according to the man, Mrs. Diallo would have asked him to remove his T-shirt. What the man would have done, without protesting the least in the world. “A woman offers you coffee and asks you to undress, and you don’t ask questions?” pointed out to him the president of the court Laura Constantin, somewhat surprised by these declarations. “Are you a submissive man?” then wants to know the magistrate, who is not unaware that the alleged victim has already been sentenced for “participation in a criminal association” but also “violence with a weapon”. But the father of the family does not answer and prefers to continue his story. According to him, it was after this proposal from Mrs. Diallo to remove his T-shirt that the son would have landed in the living room – forcing him this time to remove his pants.

“He was the one who took his pants off on his own, he tried to sleep with my mother”, tries to defend himself Sekou Diallo this Thursday, August 11. Appearing under escort, he affirms that he was sleeping in his room when the victim entered the apartment, and that his mother came to wake him up, worried by the behavior of the visitor. “I gave him three slaps for what he had done”explains Diallo today, who would then – according to him – hit the man, discovering him in the living room half naked. “I did everything, my mother has nothing to do with it”, defends the young man, rejecting any idea of ​​ambush or conspiracy. But while the victim is in his underpants and marcel in the middle of the living room, Sekou Diallo steals the keys to his vehicle from him. “to park it a little further”. Then, back in the apartment with the gray card, the son Diallo asks the victim to write down in full “ceded to Mrs. Diallo”. But the man can neither read nor write French, and it is a neighbor of the building who writes a standard text that the victim will only have to copy. The scene is also filmed by another neighbor of the Diallo family, Sekou having a few moments earlier brought together a number of witnesses, affirming to each that his mother had been the victim of sexual touching. Later, the Diallo son asks the man again – after stealing his 400 euros, his watch and his mobile phone – to provide him with the access codes to his bank account. “Either you bring back 5,000 euros or we kill you”, would then have threatened the mother and the son. In tears in the living room, and still in underwear and tank tops, the victim is prostrate, constantly repeating in a loop: “Sorry, sorry, I was wrong, I was wrong”.

He probably thought he was receiving a paid sexual service

For prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz, the thing is clear: to attract the man to his apartment, “Madame Diallo had made him an offer of paid sexual services”.

Finally freed, the victim returned the next day to the Diallo home, accompanied by his brothers and cousins ​​to obtain explanations – and above all to recover his car, still untraceable at present. Faced with this failure, the victim decides to file a complaint. Madame Diallo – the one through whom the scandal had happened – was quickly placed in police custody. But her state of health does not allow her to be heard by the investigators, and so here she is released (she will be summoned later by the gendarmes, and judged in a second time). Then it was the turn of the son Diallo – already convicted of concealment of theft, drug trafficking, pimping – to present himself spontaneously to the soldiers. Yes, he admits having stolen the victim’s car, but he denies having sequestered it in the family apartment. Version maintained by the defendant this Thursday, August 11. “I am doing justice to myself, I have never needed French justice”he recognizes at the bar.

For Prosecutor Marie-Céline Lawrysz, “The explanations of each other are not clear, the victim is not telling the whole truth, just as Mr. Diallo and his mother are not telling the truth”. Convinced that the mother and son had organized an ambush, declaring in addition “that a man does not have to remain naked for two hours in an apartment to be stripped”, it requires against Sekou Diallo 24 months in prison, 6 of which with probationary suspension for a period of 2 years. She also asks for her warrant of deposit.

lamenting “botched investigative work”Me Pierre-Edouard Szymanski, Diallo’s son’s lawyer, affirms that if there was an ambush, his client “didn’t know anything”, pleading the release for the sequestration. As for the prison sentence – Diallo acknowledging the theft and extortion – he wonders, pleading for the installation of an electronic bracelet: “Is this warrant of deposit necessary? I do not believe that.»

Relaxed for the kidnapping, Sekou Diallo is however sentenced for the two other offenses to 24 months in prison, 16 of which are probationary for a period of two years. In addition, the court revokes a probationary suspension for a period of 7 months. It is therefore a total of 15 months that the young man will have to serve in prison – warrant of committal having been issued against him.

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