Noyon. Sandrine Dauchelle’s campaign accounts: the mystery could last until June 25

Noyon. Sandrine Dauchelle’s campaign accounts: the mystery could last until June 25

Sandrine Dauchelle against Patrick Deguise: the war continues.

The suspense around the campaign accounts of the 2021 municipal candidates could still last ten days. After the suspicions of the camp of former mayor Patrick Deguise, the campaign accounts committee looked into the financing of this municipal election. His decision was expected this Friday, June 17. If the commission has informed the candidates of the validation or rejection of their accounts, the decision could not be made public until June 25, if the candidates remain silent until then. Here’s why…

Six months is the legal deadline that the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Public Funding had to examine the situation of the four candidates for the municipal elections of 2021. A deadline that expired on Friday, June 17. However, the commission’s decision has not been made public. Contacted, the commission indicates that its decision has been communicated to each candidate. “But this decision will only be communicated after our services have received the acknowledgment of receipt (generally around eight days before possible communication of this decision)”, details the communication service of the commission. In other words, when the commission has proof that each candidate has been informed of the decision made on their campaign accounts, it can make this decision public.

Thus, each candidate was informed at the end of the afternoon this Friday, June 17 of the validation or rejection of his campaign accounts. However, this decision will not be made public by the commission before June 25.

The accounts of Sandrine Dauchelle particularly awaited

Mayor Sandrine Dauchelle’s campaign accounts are particularly awaited. The Noyon group passionately, led by former mayor Patrick Deguise, pointed the finger at them, suspecting the use of the Athena software (bought by the City to manage the listings of residents who had contacted the community) for the campaign. What the mayor has always defended, as has the entrepreneur who sold this software to the City.

After the confirmation (by the commission itself) of the rendering of its decision, we tried to contact Sandrine Dauchelle to find out if the commission had validated or rejected her campaign accounts. But the first magistrate has not yet responded to our requests.

So the mystery remains. And it could last until June 25.


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