Noyon. The 300 jobs promised by Sandrine Dauchelle will not see the light of day

Noyon. The 300 jobs promised by Sandrine Dauchelle will not see the light of day

Credit: Screen capture France 3 Picardie

Once again, the question of the progress of the Pôle mode project – and the 300 jobs it was to bring to Noyon – came up in the debates of the community council of the Pays noyonnais. This Thursday, June 30, it was the mayor of Béhéricourt, Céline Champagne who asked the question. No doubt embarrassed, the president of the Pays noyonnais Sandrine Dauchelle, the author of the promise, left it to her first vice-president to answer. “I’m not going to go overboard. This project, if it is not dead, it strongly resembles it. I don’t see much progress on this file today. It is a file on which we no longer count at all”loose Pascal Dollé (mayor of Bussy).

The word is out. This project is dead, abandoned. He was born between the two rounds of the 2020 municipal election on the France 3 Picardie set, during a debate between the four candidates at the time: the outgoing Patrick Deguise, Sandrine Dauchelle (LR), Olivier Guard (active and citizen Noyon collective) and Nathalie Jorand (RN).
“I have been consulting economic players for a while now. Next September (2020, editor’s note), a fashion center will open in Noyon, with sewing, leather goods and training workshops. Because you also have to think about jobs for people who don’t necessarily have a lot of qualifications and who can be trained on the job,” then explained Sandrine Dauchelle on the set of France 3 (video below).

A promise then received with skepticism

In one of her campaign leaflets, Sandrine Dauchelle called for an end to “false promises”…

Facing her, her political opponents were surprised to see Sandrine Dauchelle pull this promise out of her hat so late in the campaign. Some had not hesitated to doubt the announcement. Like Olivier Garde, still on the set of France 3: “I would have preferred several companies with fewer jobs than just one with 300 jobs. It’s safer. And for that, we must lower local taxes. (…) I do not criticize those who bring new companies, but those who make false promises, who give hope to the people of Noyon. There have already been… And there, again, 300 jobs like that, which would be more or less conditional on your victory. It’s not correct”had won the candidate of the collective Noyon active and citizen.

With this Fashion Pole, the candidate promised 300 jobs over 3 years. An attractive electoral promise which could have weighed on the second round of the municipal election of 2020 which had seen the victory of the candidate Dauchelle. But over the months, the project has been constantly postponed.

Pressed by the opposition to justify themselves on the delay of this mysterious pole, the mayor of Noyon and president of the Pays noyonnais had invoked the health crisis. Last April, this time she invoked the health problems of the project leader to explain the stagnation of the file.

But this time, the word is dropped by the first vice-president of the Pays noyonnais. “It is a file on which we no longer count at all”, launches Pascal Dollé. And Sandrine Dauchelle’s campaign promise therefore flies away without any concrete element ever having been revealed. With only one certainty in the end: these 300 jobs, which will never see the light of day…

Faced with this fallout of the bellows, in off, some opponents whisper that there has never been a project, nor an investor, just a promise to grab a few votes… The mayor of Noyon who could soon be struck with ineligibility, definitely going through a rough patch…

Review these excerpts from the debate presented by France 3, when Sandrine Dauchelle promised these 300 jobs, and the response of Olivier Garde, one of his opponents for the town hall of Noyon:


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