Noyon. The Basile Boli Academy could open in September 2023

Noyon. The Basile Boli Academy could open in September 2023

Basile Boli, former OM footballer, is leading the project to create an International football school, the opening is announced for September 2023. – Photo credit: Aymeric Coupé / Oise Hebdo

The Basile Boli Academy has occupied the debates of the community council for more than two years. The first agreement between the former star footballer of Olympique de Marseille and the Pays Noyonnais was signed under the mandate of Patrick Deguise. But the new executive of Sandrine Dauchelle had challenged it, in favor of a more advantageous agreement for the community of municipalities. The project had then taken a little delay. But this time, the executive is advancing the date of September 2023 for the opening of the Basile Boli Academy.
Under the mandate of Patrick Deguise, the installation project of the Basile Boli Academy had resulted in an agreement between the community of municipalities and the former star footballer of OM. Still, with the alternation of power, the project had to be reviewed. The new executive of Sandrine Dauchelle having refused the agreement finding it too expensive for the community. Among other changes, the new executive wanted to bring together the different sites of the future International football school. It should also be noted that the community is no longer required to develop future football pitches, allowing the intermunicipal authority to reduce the cost of the project.
In community council, it is good news that Pascal Dollé gave to all of his colleagues, Thursday, September 30. “Everything is accelerating. The project is starting to take shape. The Basile Boli Academy could open in September 2023, with 80 students“says Pascal Dollé.

Work planned for September

Basile Boli and Patrick Deguise had signed a sales protocol for the installation of the Basile Boli Academy, in February 2020. Modified since by the executive of Sandrine Dauchelle. – Photo credit: Aymeric Coupé/ Oise Hebdo

News that should delight President Sandrine Dauchelle, who is annoyed in a publication posted on Sunday July 3: “The Basile Boli Academy, which has been talked about since 2017 and which was in my predecessor’s electoral propaganda, has still not been signed five years later.“Following which, she specifies that she asked her first vice-president Pascal Dollé “more reserve and confidentiality on all (their) future economic projects and to report on those that are signed when the time comes“.
Despite tight communication, Pascal Dollé was able to explain that the architects had come to present the building permit for the future International football school a few days earlier. It should also be filed before July 15.
The good news is that they really want to see the work begin.These could be launched as early as October. As for the opening, it is announced for the month of September 2023, with a first class of 80 students.
To his colleagues, Pascal Dollé presented the work that could take place after the signing of the sale, scheduled for next September. Building 5 should therefore be renovated to accommodate the restaurant and a hotel section. “The restaurant will be open to staff working on campus», Pascal Dollé has already announced.
Building 102 will be completely renovated. “It will be enlarged, even doubled. This is why there are building permits that are filed. We asked the architects to send us some pictures to show you this evening, but we haven’t received them yet. That’s a shame.»


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