Noyon. The public rapporteur does not ask for the ineligibility of the mayor Sandrine Dauchelle

Noyon. The public rapporteur does not ask for the ineligibility of the mayor Sandrine Dauchelle

The mayor of Noyon Sandrine Dauchelle – Photo archives: Aymeric Coupé / Oise Hebdo

The mayor of Noyon appeared before the administrative court after her campaign account was rejected in June. The National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Funding criticized Sandrine Dauchelle for having benefited from targeting software intended for senior voters in the city of Noyon to conduct her campaign. A software part of the cost of which had been borne by the city. And to have benefited from the printing by the city of Noyon of a brochure entitled “Le Bilan – un an de mandat – 2020-2021” which should have been supported by the candidate and not by the City. The public rapporteur expressed a different opinion this Thursday, July 7 at the administrative court of Amiens.

“I have been facing the virulence of the opposition for two years. I am satisfied with the comments made by the public rapporteur. And I hope that we will obtain a favorable judgment., said the mayor of Noyon at the end of the hearing. The court had been seized by the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Public Funding (CNCCFP) after the latter rejected the candidate’s campaign accounts for the 2021 by-elections.

Two grievances had been upheld by the CNCCFP to invalidate the candidate’s campaign accounts. Two grievances that the public rapporteur has swept away.

The first concerns the use of the Athena software which would have made it possible to target the senior population of Noyon during the municipal campaign. An expense of 480 euros appears in the mayor’s campaign accounts. As for the assistance provided by the City, the public rapporteur estimated that“it follows that the Athena software is distinct from the communication software between citizens and the City”. “As for this second software, it has been proven that it was not used during the campaign”developed the rapporteur.

Second grievance: the publication of a brochure presenting the results of the municipal majority, produced with the means of the City and not registered in the campaign account. The public rapporteur considers that the accounting period for campaign expenses should begin from the decision of the Council of State, i.e. July 22, 2021. However, the invoice for this document was issued on July 13, 2021.

“The campaign accounts commission wrongly rejected Sandrine Dauchelle’s campaign accounts”

The General Rapporteur during the hearing on July 7

And the public rapporteur concludes: “The campaign accounts committee wrongly rejected Sandrine Dauchelle’s campaign accounts.” It therefore asks the magistrates of the administrative court to reject the referral to the campaign accounts commission.

Sandrine Dauchelle and Me Jérôme Grand d’Esnon, her lawyer, at the end of the hearing – Photo Aymeric Coupé / Oise Hebdo

These conclusions were welcomed by Me Jérôme Grand d’Esnon, the mayor’s lawyer. “What a pleasure in front of such an implacable demonstration”he exclaimed at the hearing, before sharply criticizing the campaign accounts committee. “She plays a key role in the moralization of public life. But there, I was appalled by this decision. I have never seen anything so mediocre.” A decision that the lawyer does not hesitate to describe as “skid”. “The commission was influenced by informers”, he believes. As for whether the mayor was able to benefit from the City’s resources during last year’s campaign, he disagrees: “Pretending it makes no sense. It was the special delegation that administered the City.

For her part, the mayor of Noyon wanted to attend the hearing before the administrative court. When she left, she congratulated herself that “the rapporteur (has) seen (that she) was acting in good faith”. “I did things the right way. And I am very satisfied that the public rapporteur said so”she said.

The first magistrate of Noyon was confident at the end of the hearing. “I hope that we will have a judgment that will be favorable to me. After all, I was not elected and then re-elected by chance…”

In terms of the administrative tribunal, the opinion of the public rapporteur is followed in the vast majority of cases. Deliberate Tuesday, July 12.


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