Nuclear power limits growth of renewables, says Slovak Ministry of Environment

Nuclear power limits growth of renewables, says Slovak Ministry of Environment

The high share of nuclear energy in the energy mix in Slovakia, together with the capacity of the transmission network and the negative perception of the population, are the main reasons for the low development of renewable energies in Slovakia, according to an analysis published by the Minister of the Environment.

According to the ministry’s analysis, the share of renewable energies in the country’s energy mix could reach 23 to 24% in 2030. This share was 17.4% in 2020.

The projected share for 2030 is similar to the target that the European Commission, which has already criticized the country for its low proportion of renewable energy, has recommended that it achieve, even before the implementation of the Green Deal for the Europe.

According to the ministry’s analysis, the use of renewable energy is concentrated in only a few technologies and the additional potential is limited by several factors, including nuclear energy, which currently accounts for more than half of all electricity generated.

However, apart from nuclear, it is the electricity sector that has the most potential for the development of renewable energies. Biomass and hydroelectricity being the most promising.

The ministry also underlines the negative perception that the population has of certain renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, although the data does not confirm this allegation.

Many Slovaks are concerned about the climate crisis and are ready to change their behavior, according to surveys by Eurobarometer, the European Investment Bank and Greenpeace.


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