Oise: for Eric de Valroger, minors aged 10-12 placed “are absolutely uncontrollable”

Oise: for Eric de Valroger, minors aged 10-12 placed “are absolutely uncontrollable”

During the June 30 session at the Oise departmental council, vice-president Eric de Valroger expressed concern about the fate of minors subject to a placement measure. During the examination of the budget of the childhood and family commission, the elected representative of Compiégnois made an observation concerning these children, in particular those aged between 10 and 12 years old and from Seine-Saint-Denis. Except that the person concerned addresses the security issue, evoking people “absolutely uncontrollable.», in a constant situation of running away. “These minors, we find them on deal points as a lookout“says Eric de Valroger. “The dealers favor this age group, because they know that these children will not be worried (by justice).”

One of the minors found himself at a crime scene a few weeks ago in Compiègnesays Eric de Valroger. More specifically, he was present during a shootout between rival gangs, which broke out on June 11 at Clos-des-Roses, in Compiègne. He suggests to these departmental adviser colleagues present, also parliamentarians, to find legislative solutions.

A position shared by the President of the Departmental Council Nadège Lefebvre… with a few nuances: “Justice has something to review, because signing removal orders like that, on the corner of a table… And us, when we have a placement order, we have to assume.Valroger’s former district attorney Eric will appreciate…


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