Oise Gendarmerie. Commander Tugdual Vieillard-Baron leaves

Oise Gendarmerie. Commander Tugdual Vieillard-Baron leaves

The boss of the gendarmes of the Oise will integrate the Institute of advanced studies of national defense. – Photo credit: Nicolas Aubouin/Oise Hebdo

Nearly three years after taking office, Major Tugdual Vieillard-Baron, boss of the gendarmes of the Oise, is preparing to leave the department. This Friday, July 1, a ceremony in his honor was organized in the premises of the prefecture. Officers and representatives of the State testified to the cohesion that reigned between the actors involved in the security of the territory under his command.
The officer then took the floor, between thanks, serious memories and “a touch of discreet humor, a little English“, as described by the prefect, Corinne Orzechowski. He also paid a vibrant tribute to the two Oise gendarmes who died while he was on duty. “I don’t bring everyone home“, declared Colonel Tugdual Vieillard-Baron with great emotion.

Back to school benches

The pursuit of his career will be in the Paris region. The colonel joined the Institute for Advanced National Defense Studies (IHEDN). A prestigious position, but a little far from the tumult of the field which “i will soon miss you“, he anticipates.

At the head of the Oise gendarmerie group, Colonel Vieillard-Baron will be replaced by Colonel Muriel Soria. The arrival of a commander did not fail to delight the prefect of Oise.
After the speeches, the departing commander was presented with the Picardy gendarmerie medal.


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