Oise. The department wants to offer aid of 300 euros to convert gasoline vehicles to bioethanol

Oise. The department wants to offer aid of 300 euros to convert gasoline vehicles to bioethanol

Bioethanol can be obtained by fermenting plants like corn- Photo Bannon Morrissy / Unsplash

This Monday, June 27, the Oise department presented its Oxygen Plan 60. Estimated at 160 million euros by 2027, it includes 83 actions supposed to act in favor of the environment. Among these actions, the county council wants to offer a lump sum aid of 300 euros for individuals who wish to convert a gasoline vehicle to bioethanol.
Bioethanol (E85) is a fuel produced in France from beets and cereals. It is mixed with unleaded 95 and is therefore intended for petrol vehicles. It is presented as less polluting than ordinary gasoline, in particular because it is produced in Europe. It is also much cheaper than other fuels currently, around 0.80 euro per litre.

Combinable with regional aid

Nadège Lefebvre and Martine Borgoo, vice president in charge of improving the living environment and protecting nature. – Photo: Nicolas Aubouin / Oise Hebdo.

But to put it in his tank, his vehicle must be equipped with a special box. This can be fitted by an approved installer (many auto centers are, but also independent garages) and costs between 800 euros and 1,600 euros depending on the vehicle’s engine.
Aid from the Hauts-de-France Region already exists to help the most modest households install this box. It can be combined with future aid from the Oise department, which will be unconditional.
This flat-rate aid must be voted by the department council on June 30. From this date, all Oisian motorists who have carried out the operation at a garage in the department will be able to claim these 300 euros by presenting the invoice on the dedicated platform. The latter will be online from July 11th.
Only one application for aid is possible for each tax household. In all, the departmental council devotes an envelope of 500,000 euros to this initiative for the year 2022.


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