Olivier Marleix (LR): “We are the only ones who are not godillots”

Olivier Marleix (LR): “We are the only ones who are not godillots”

He is the most courted man in France. Olivier Marleix, 51, member of parliament for Eure-et-Loire, has been leading the Republicans group in the National Assembly since June 28. 62 parliamentarians capable of tipping the adoption or rejection of a text in the unprecedented context of the absence of an absolute majority at the Palais-Bourbon, inherited from the last legislative elections. If he clearly defines himself in opposition to Emmanuel Macron, “a social democrat quick to public spending”, the experienced parliamentarian assumes to have opted for “the path of compromise” on the first bills (Purchasing power and Draft amending finances), the fruits of an agreement with the Senate. He also promises to lead the battle to reduce the debt, at the beginning of the school year, during the budget review in the Assembly.

Challenges – According to an analysis carried out on the first 121 ballots of the 16th legislature, Republicans voted in common 74% with Renaissance and the Modem, 75% with Horizons… Is the LR group still really in opposition to Emmanuel Macron?

Olivier Marleix, president of the LR Group – Do not jump to conclusions. These are essentially votes on amendments, so all this remains very anecdotal. And we are only talking about three bills: the bill to exit the state of emergency, the purchasing power bill and the amending finance bill. We have been very clear: we are in opposition to Emmanuel Macron. We do not share his social democratic vision, his propensity for ever more public spending. For example, we have just rejected the settlement law to express our opposition to financial management that we consider dangerous for the country. But on these first three emergency texts, we took the compromise option and won the case on many topics: the purchase of RTT, tax exemption and the “de-socialization” of overtime, or the reduction of fuel prices … Moreover, we show a minimum of intellectual honesty: when we vote on expenses in the purchasing power text, we vote on equivalent revenues in the amending finance bill. Not everyone has the same rigor, some even never resist demagoguery.


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