Online advertising: Facebook avoids a fine against Criteo

Online advertising: Facebook avoids a fine against Criteo

The Competition Authority put an end to an old dispute between Facebook and Criteo on Thursday. For more than three years, the French leader in targeted advertising has suspected the American company of having excluded him without reason from one of its advertising programs, the “Facebook Marketing Partners”. After investigating the case, the college of the authority considered that Meta, the group of which Facebook is a part, had made sufficient commitments to end the procedure and bury all the proceedings.

The American giant avoids a heavy sanction. After consulting most digital advertising players, the French antitrust authority ruled that the market test undertaken with several advertising players, including Criteo, responded to their concerns. After participating in this long market test, which began in June 2021, Facebook has committed to being more transparent about the rules for affiliation to its partnership program and to preserving “objectivity, transparency, predictability and stability” of its conditions of access.

Three years and after?


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