Orange management walks on eggshells

Orange management walks on eggshells

Orange announced on September 12 a reshuffle of its Executive Committee: arrival of a new Head of Human Resources, change of Head of Orange Bank, departure of the Director of Communications… Moves in addition to two appointments announced at the end of May. Five months after taking office, the operator’s managing director, Christel Heydemann, is setting an example. Was it “slow to start” as some criticize? In Orange, it is argued that fallout would be dangerous at a time when major operations are underway: integration of an operator in Romania, merger with MasMovil in Spain… “The new executive first went through a period of astonishment when understanding the complexity discovered by Orange, then she took her time to think. That’s proof of intelligence,” defends a good connoisseur of the group.

Changes in the board – mainly internal promotions, with the exception of HRD, who came from industry – also show a willingness to change without being brutalized. Which is not necessarily a guarantee of a good decision: the appointment of a Frenchman to replace the Africa boss, the Malian Alioune Ndiaye, would go wrong.


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