Pelosi in Taiwan: “Crying victory is still too early”, reacts François Cheng Chung Wu

Pelosi in Taiwan: “Crying victory is still too early”, reacts François Cheng Chung Wu

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9:21 p.m., August 02, 2022

An hour after Nancy Pelosi’s arrival on the island of Taiwan, which China claims, the head of the Taipei representation office in France, François Cheng Chung Wu, was the guest of “Europe Soir”. He felt that we should not cry too early for a “diplomatic victory”. “The battle continues,” he said.

A visit that sparked the anger of China. Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi landed on the island of Taiwan on Tuesday night (4:30 p.m. French time), despite threats from Beijing, which claims this territory. Special guest of Europe Soir, François Cheng Chung Wu, the head of the office of the representation of Taipei, another name of the island, in France, explained why “crying diplomatic victory is still too early” for Taiwan. “It’s not a complete victory because the battle is not over,” he added to Raphaël Delvolvé’s microphone.

A “battle” for “Taiwan to become a normal state”

“Taiwan is still excluded from the international community, is not a member of the UN or the WHO”, underlines the one who occupies a function of ambassador of the island in France. “The battle continues for Taiwan to become a normal state, so there will be consequences after Nancy Pelosi leaves,” he said. “We will have to manage, with everyone diplomatically, the reprisals of the Chinese which are difficult to measure”, he continued, qualifying the arrival of the head of the American deputies of “very important event”.

This visit is unprecedented since that of Nancy Pelosi’s predecessor, Newt Gingrich, in 1997.

The fear of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan

China has already denounced the “extremely dangerous” attitude of the United States, and mentioned “targeted military actions”. Just before the arrival of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chinese fighter jets flew over the Taiwan Strait. “This Chinese anger is somewhat the result of the ambition of President Xi Jinping who wants to dominate the world,” said François Cheng Chung Wu.

The head of the Taipei representation office in France also drew a parallel with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and also “fears” an invasion of the island south of China.


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