Pensions: Braun-Pivet is “not for” reform via amendment

Pensions: Braun-Pivet is “not for” reform via amendment

The President of the National Assembly (Renaissance) Yaël Braun-Pivet is “not in favor” of the government’s pension reform, which is undergoing an amendment to the law on the social security budget, and asks her to “take the time to deliberate “.

“The government changes must not in themselves constitute a substantial reform,” Ms Braun-Pivet estimated on Thursday on franceinfo, which called for a “comprehensive reform that must do justice to our fellow citizens”.

“We need to raise the retirement age as well as increase the number of terms in office and work towards long careers, hardships and so on, so we need to do comprehensive reform,” the politician demanded.

“We must take the time to consult with the political groups and the social partners, and we must take the time to work thoroughly on global reform,” she added.

“This is the new method that I asked the government to adopt and to which the Prime Minister responded positively in July”, with “more consultations before the texts to successfully find compromises”, Ms Braun-Pivet underlined.

“That’s the consistent position I’ll take on all issues and not just pensions during the five-year tenure,” she added.

Emmanuel Macron had raised the possibility of passing a pension reform in an amendment to the Social Security Financing Project (PLFSS) that is due to be presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday.

“I have never been in favor of changes that carry important reform and this is a constant with me because they have not been evaluated by the Council of State, they have not been the subject of an impact study, they have not been worked on by upstream parliamentarians within their commission” , argued the President of the National Assembly.

According to her, “the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister are deliberating, they are conferring, and in this regard I have expressed my opinion”.


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