Pensions: Macron “a canister in one hand, a lighter in the other,” says Roussel

Pensions: Macron “a canister in one hand, a lighter in the other,” says Roussel

Emmanuel Macron “walks around with a canister in one hand and a lighter in the other,” estimated Communist Party leader Fabien Roussel, summarizing the left’s opposition to a pension reform by 2023.

The head of state “is preparing to ignite the social climate in our country,” added the national secretary of the PCF, Fabien Roussel, on the set of franceinfo. “The unions unanimously do not want it, the Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, says that + it is not on the agenda +,” developed the former presidential candidate.

“The only reform that makes sense today is the one that guarantees our pensioners and future pensioners a good pension, a good pension if they have worked all their lives,” he defended, believing that an increase in the minimum pension was possible “made easy” by an amendment to the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) bill.

He saw Emmanuel Macron’s campaign argument that pension reform would also make it possible to finance other policies as “a commitment”. “There’s no problem with funding retirement as he wants to aim for €9 billion in benefits on the backs of workers by getting them to work longer,” he said.

“Emmanuel Macron did not understand one thing: he is not in the majority in this country, he is not in the majority in the National Assembly,” said Pierre Jouvet, spokesman for the Socialist Party at the Radio J microphone.

Socialist MP Jérôme Guedj in Paris, June 20, 2022 (AFP/Archives – Thomas COEX)

His socialist colleague, MP Jérôme Guedj, previously regretted the introduction of certain measures in the PLFSS. “This is the boss’ surprise, we were told: + It’s the big reform, it has to be discussed, it has to be voted on, and there we would – I put one condition – secretly slip through it,” he exclaimed on the set from franceinfo .

“That means there is no impact assessment, the pre-discussion. This is a very bad way”, he commented, adding that a possible recourse to 49.3 on the budget text “would be the opposite of compromise and discussion, all parliamentarians and social partners” promised.

“Experts have submitted a report saying this reform is inappropriate as the current system will be in surplus by 2070. But no! #Macron, the prince of the great consultations, is once again imposing his destructive project. He will find us on his way.” , for his part, tweeted La France MP insoumise Bastien Lachaud.


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