Pensions: “Macron is devitalizing our social system,” accuses Rousseau

Pensions: “Macron is devitalizing our social system,” accuses Rousseau

EELV MP Sandrine Rousseau accused Emmanuel Macron on Thursday of “completely devitalizing our social system” with the relaunch of his pension reform project and accused him of “contempt” for the method used.

“Emmanuel Macron is in the process of completely devitalizing our welfare system and making it so fragile that we are forced to go through the private sector, private pensions, private hospitals, private schools and it’s not France anymore,” condemned the ecofeminist on Franceinfo.

“From law to law, we reduce employer contributions, so we create tension in the pension system, which means that we can no longer finance it, and then we say: You see, it’s in deficit, we have to modify it,” she explains calls for the “payment of employers’ contributions”.

MEP EELV also criticized the method because, in her opinion, “the government that decides everything is a further weakening of the unions and social partners” and “it is once again Emmanuel Macron’s contempt for everything that makes France strong”.

“A reform as important as pensions (…), it is absolutely impossible for it to be passed in 49.3 in the light of an article that has slipped into another law, it is not possible, we must democratically debate,” she added.

“The President seems to be sailing on sight, and in order to be able to deceive, he adorns himself with the will of a reformer, which is not meant seriously. If this is an important reform, let’s discuss it and not on the sidelines of an amendment to the PLFSS (Social Security Financing Legislative Project, ed.), EELV National Secretary Julien Bayou presented on Radio J.

The government is examining “all possibilities” to pass the pension reform, including “as part of the 2023 Social Security Budget Bill” for 2023, its spokesman Olivier Véran said on Wednesday.

“The conditions are not fixed, as long as they are not stopped, we do not rule out any hypothesis,” confirmed Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt on France 2. “In the coming days, including from Monday, based on the report of the COR (Pension Orientation Council ) have this discussion and this consultation with the unions,” he added.

“Reform must be carried out, and it must be done quickly and in the most efficient way. It must be carried out in such a way that the promise of the President of the Republic is kept. That means an application in 2023,” the minister explained.

President Emmanuel Macron recently claimed that pension reform could not wait any longer and should come into effect in the summer of 2023.


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