Pensions: Pradié (LR) against lowering the legal retirement age

Pensions: Pradié (LR) against lowering the legal retirement age

Republican Secretary-General and candidate for party leader Aurélien Pradié defended a reform that would calculate pensions “by the number of years worked” and not by lowering the statutory retirement age, “an old refrain”. him, but defended by all his camp.

“I don’t believe in raising the statutory retirement age, that’s an old saying, you will never hear me say to a 60-year-old worker or craftsman who has worked his whole life, he will break down at work like he will.” have to work for a few years,” explained the MEP at the France Inter microphone.

He advocated reform based on pensions, that’s a real change, and I’m telling my political family: we need to calculate our retirement by the number of years worked. “It’s a fair measure that takes into account the hardship – you work 5 years in a painful position, in a painful situation you win a year of retirement,” said the party leader, who officially announced his candidacy on Monday .

President Emmanuel Macron assured journalists from the Presidential Press Association on Monday evening that pension reform should not wait any longer and should come into force “from 2023”.

On the contrary, Mr Pradié’s rival for the presidency of LR, Senator Bruno Retailleau, defended at Sud Radio the lowering of the statutory retirement age “if we want to preserve the quality of life and the purchasing power of our pensioners”.

“If we work more, we produce more, we can finance social protection, there is no other solution, it is the only possible one,” exclaimed former Left President Jean-François Copé on the set of the Public Senate.

Nevertheless, before presenting his reform, President Macron should “nevertheless respect a minimum level of social dialogue in our country”, particularly on the issues that proved sensitive in 2019 when the government presented a first reform. by Édouard Philippe, how long careers or “the amount of women’s pensions”, warned on franceinfo the President of the LR Group in the Assembly, Olivier Marleix,


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