Pensions: Ruffin for a referendum because “the mandate at stake” is Macron’s

Pensions: Ruffin for a referendum because “the mandate at stake” is Macron’s

LFI MP François Ruffin supported a referendum on pension reform on Sunday, believing that “the mandate at stake” is “that of the President of the Republic”.

“I have no problem going back to campaigning, I like it,” Mr Ruffin replied when asked about a dissolution of the National Assembly, mentioned this week by Emmanuel Macron in the event of censorship by his government in the Assembly .

“On the other hand, for me the mandate that is at stake today is not the mandate of the deputies, but the mandate of the President of the Republic, it is his reform that he wants to bring about at all costs. So it is his mandate that raises questions, ”continued the Somme MP.

“If he wants to push through his pension reform, I’m in favor of it going through a referendum. And that, like Charles de Gaulle, he respects the opinion of the French people with his pension reform, he must bring his mandate back into play, not MPs,” Mr Ruffin estimates.

“Today the country needs appeasement, serenity and that’s not what Emmanuel Macron is bringing.” And I, I say it, in the long run I’m very worried for my country, for the unity of my country if he continues to mistreat and mistreat him like this,” MP Insoumis said.

The national secretary of the Communist Party (PCF), Fabien Roussel, also this week wanted the French to be “consulted by referendum” on pension reform.

This week, the executive decided to delay this reform, a key axis of Emmanuel Macron’s re-election campaign, by reopening a cycle of consultations to adopt a bill “before the end of winter”, while part of the majority, including the President of MoDem , François Bayrou, rejected rapid reform by changing the social security budget.


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