Pensions: The way of a reform via the budget “not decided”, according to Dussopt

Pensions: The way of a reform via the budget “not decided”, according to Dussopt

The hypothesis of a pension reform in the next social security budget “is not entirely decided yet,” said Olivier Dussopt on Tuesday, who thinks it is “normal for the government to keep all options.”

Despite unanimous opposition from the unions he met on Monday, the labor minister confirmed to RTL that the path to reform by changing the social security budget is “part of the scenarios envisaged by the executive”.

He claimed “to want to avoid the so-called entry into force”, but recalled that “when we are blocked, when we are at an impasse, when there is no will to support, we have tools in the Constitution”.

“It’s normal for the government to keep all options open,” he stressed, adding that the strategy is “not fully defined” and is still “being considered and worked out”.

Nevertheless, the goal remains to “balance the system”, the pensions threatened by the return of deficits, according to Mr Dussopt, who mentioned a loss of “more than 12 billion” euros in 2027 and “twenty billion” in 2030 .

To remedy this, the idea of ​​lowering the legal retirement age or extending the contribution period is holding the rope. “We could mix both measures,” suggested the minister, pointing to “possible counterparts” to the “minimum pension and the issue of arduousness”.

It is up to the unions to “say what they want as improvements”, but “also how it will be financed”, he stressed, repeating that this “requires more work, at the level of society (and) at the level of a life long”.


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